15 May (ACCT11059)


We have completed marking everyone’s ASS#2 Steps 3 & 4.

We greatly enjoyed reading your assignments.

Here is your ASS#2 Steps 3 and 4 General Feedback. It is well worth grabbing a coffee and having a read.

There is also a great ASS#2 Steps 3 & 4 Exemplar from Nicole Seeds available in the Feedback section on the right hand side of Moodle.

For those who have not yet submitted your ASS#2 Steps 3 & 4, please submit it as soon as you can. It is certainly better to submit something, rather than nothing! 🙂

ASS#2 Step 6 is due at 11.00 am Monday 21 May.

And ASS#2 Steps 7-10 is due in less than 3 weeks. This is the end of ASS#2 and late penalties for ASS#2 apply from 11.00 am Monday 4 June.

I am also enjoying reading everyone’s ASS#2 Step 5.