PeerWise Update


Wow! Just one more week of PeerWise. It ends at 5.00pm Friday 26 May (Week 11).

Addicted 1So many answers and comments to so many questions: About 67,000 answers and over 6,500 comments to about 4,700 questions we have written. And one person (I know who you are!) has cracked the 10,000 point mark. This is an amazing achievement, not often reached even by the most PeerWise-addicted.

All of our activity on PeerWise so far has involved us in a lot of thought, revision and reflection about many of the key concepts in the reading.

And PeerWise can really help us to become peer-wise; as we realise the value and benefit of each other, as we share our learning journeys together in each unit we study.

This is how we learn. Learning is a social activity, as we learn with and from each other.

Reading 1And people are enjoying reading Chapter 8 of the Study Guide, as we prepare to study capital budgeting next week.

Still plenty more to learn in our last two weeks of term. There is, afterall, one-sixth of our unit still to go.

And in any race, it does not matter in the end how we started; only how we ended as we race for the finish line.

And the exciting thing about learning is that there is no ‘finish line’; just markers along the way. There is always more to learn and experience.



20 May 2017

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