PeerWise: we finish Step 5 this Friday 27 May at 5.00pm.

Lots of people have given me feedback about different aspects of the course. Thank you for your comments, by email and written in your assignments and SPAs. And the best feedback are ideas people might have about how specific aspects of our course could be done better next time.

One comment I received was: “I felt Peerwise was a waste of time. So many of the questions were really quite inane and some not even relevant. The ones about things that we hadn’t covered leave you questioning how well you have covered the course content.”

How did you find PeerWise? What were the strengths and weaknesses of your experience using PeerWise in our course? Please leave your comments here on my blog, on our course Facebook page, or email me at

You can also leave written comments in your formal student feedback by clicking on the big red button ‘Have your say’ on Moodle (that is, if you haven’t yet completed your student survey; one-third of people in our course have already completed their survey). I will get this feedback after grades are finalised in the course.

During the term I deleted quite a lot of people’s questions on PeerWise that did not contribute well to the community of questions we were developing. Should I do more of this? Also, perhaps I need to help people better figure out how to follow people on PeerWise, so you can just answer questions from people who are writing great questions and ignore the ones that do not assist your learning (this is what I do). 🙂

Look forward to your feedback on PeerWise.

Regards, Martin

4 thoughts on “PeerWise

  1. Hello Martin,
    I enjoyed Peerwise and found it to be an easy task to complete and maintain during this course. However, I did not find it much of a challenge as I would have preferred and lost interest in the final weeks. This was due to the fact that a majority of the questions being submitted consisted of elements covered in chapter 1 or 2, they were repetitive or completely unrelated to the study guides. I think those students were just trying to increase their score and were not interested in any other benefit.
    I would suggest that you continue to remove more of those ‘simple’ questions or alter the scoring so the students who submit questions relative to that week’s study received higher points. Removing some of the ‘older’ topics or setting mandatory topics might help also.


  2. Hi Zoe
    Thanks for your comments.
    I got a bit distracted during the past few weeks and did not delete questions on PeerWise that were not helping the community as much as I should have.
    And it would be great if I could have a way of limiting new questions each week to those on the specific topics of each week … I will look into that idea. 🙂
    What I find works for me in PeerWise (and I am a little bit of a PeerWise junkie) is to follow people early on in the term who write great questions and then just answer these people’s questions. This protects me from all the poor questions in PeerWise … sort of a ‘quality’ version of PeerWise. And there are lots of really great questions in PeerWise. 🙂

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  3. I prefered peerwise can be in paperwork like using microsoft word or excel , I think we waste time in log in and some network or internet very slow or in technical condition , so I think better peerwise not using online website
    I also need time to wait for loading when open in new pages so I prefered forum interraction. i preffered not to much tools in this unit like socrative or peerwise , just 2 is enough or how the effective way everyone think the best?


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