16 March (ACCT11059)


The week that was….

We have now completed our first week of studying ACC11059 Accounting, Learning & Online Communication.

About two-thirds of people in our unit have joined our unit Facebook page. There are a lot of posts and comments discussing a range of issues we have all been facing so far. You can search by key words and probably find (and join) discussions about almost anything you might have a question about.

If you have not yet joined our unit Facebook page, you should right now.

Quite a few people have set up their blogs, and over 85 people have posted a link to their blog in the Blog Links forum. So there are plenty of blogs to visit. Why not visit a few people’s blogs and say hi? As quite a few people are realising, it is important to get connected with others in our unit.

Over 70% of people have registered on PeerWise. And over 50% of people in our unit have got started on PeerWise, writing over 500 questions and giving over 8,000 answers to these questions. Many are finding PeerWise to be a great way to review key concepts from the Study Guide each week.

ASS#1 Step 1 is due at 11.00am Monday 18 March (Week 2). Already about 10% of people have submitted their Step 1 – and I am enjoying reading what you have to say.

Also, over one-third of people have completed our Pre-Unit Survey. I will give you feedback next week on what people have to say.

This is my sixth email to you. If you have missed any of my emails, you can find them here. And my first email has great information on how to get started in our unit.

Bye for now.