End of Week 1 (ACCT13017)


The week that was….

We have now completed our first week of studying ACCT13017 Financial Statement Analysis.

About 40% of people in our unit have joined our unit Facebook page. This will be an important source of information and venue for discussion throughout our unit. There are already some posts and comments you can check out.

If you have not yet joined our unit Facebook page, you should right now.

Quite a few people have set up their blogs, and about 30% of people have posted a link to their blog in the Blog Links forum. So why not visit a few people’s blogs and say hi? As quite a few people are realising, it is important to get connected with others in our unit.

About two-thirds of people have registered on PeerWise. And over 50% have got started on PeerWise, writing over 60 questions and giving over 400 answers to these questions. PeerWise is a great way to review key concepts from the Study Guide each week.

Over 50% of people have submitted their ASS#1 Step 1. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. These have been marked and your mark, individual feedback and general feedback is available in Moodle. There is a great exemplar from Cass Bradley in the Feedback section in Moodle. And I hope to have another exemplar posted shortly. For those yet to submit their ASS#1 Step 1, please complete it as soon as you can.

You should make sure you view the videos for Week 1:

Two Frameworks: DCF & Economic Profit

Two Frameworks: Focus on DCF

Two Frameworks: Focus on Economic Profit

These will give you a good introduction to the two frameworks we will be using in our unit.

Also, the video of our Week 1 lecture is available on Moodle.

This is my third email to you. If you have missed any of my emails, you can find them here.

Bye for now.