19 March (ACCT11059)

ASS#1 Step 1 Update


I am seriously enjoying reading everyone’s ASS#1 Step 1. You each have written (or in some cases videoed) so many interesting comments and insights.

I have now marked about two-thirds of everyone’s Step 1.

I expect to have everyone’s Step 1 marked by the end of this week.

And do not forget to check out the great ASS#1 Step 1 Exemplars in the Feedback section in Moodle – from Hannah James and Jesse Smith.

And great to see people getting well along on their ASS#1 Step 3. Do not forget to look at Maria’s great video on Entering your Firm’s Financial Statements – one of Maria’s classic videos in our unit. This video feature’s Maria Tyler’s baby David making a few contributions … a budding accounting lecturer in the making. 🙂