2 March (ACCT11059)


Martin Turner here.

This is now my 4th email to you.

You can find all my emails to you here. You can also find them by clicking on Martin’s emails in the Communication section of Moodle (on the RHS of Moodle – or at the bottom of Moodle if you are using a portable device).

Did you know that less than 40% of uni students worldwide use their university email account (usually by forwarding the account to their usual email account)? And those that do, many find themselves being inundated by emails from various parts of the university, so they often end up blocking emails from the uni to their account.

If this is you, please do not block emails from your Unit coordinators – and in particular from me. 🙂 My emails can be important to help you with your learning in our unit.

My first email to you contains important information about how to get started in our unit.

I will send quite a few emails in the two weeks leading up to term and in the first few weeks of term.

Although only 40% of people read their CQUni email accounts, about 20-25% of people have already joined our unit Facebook page and have registered on PeerWise. And that is one week before term starts. That is pretty cool – being about half of those in our unit who are likely reading their CQUni emails in our unit.

In our unit Facebook page we have had about 40 posts, about 200 comments and about 550 reactions during last week (Week minus 2). So there is a lot happening on our unit Facebook page already, as people are getting to know each other and are settling into our unit.

In PeerWise, 23 people have written over 100 questions and 47people have given over 1,100 answers to these questions. And 15 people have already gained a score of over 1,000 points in PeerWise. Way to go…

Also, five people have posted a link to their blog in the Blog Links forum on Moodle (in the Communication  section). This is one of the things we need to do in ASS#1 Step 2 (due Monday Week 3).

Some people (like Dani Romeo) are excitedly waiting to see which company they will be given in our unit:

“This unit may be one I am most excited for, especially because in the first email I received by my unit coordinator I was told I would be given a company to analyse their finances. This intrigued me so much and I am so excited to see which company I will be given. Shame I do not find out until a few more weeks… I am so excited! (and not very patient).”

Check out Dani Romeo’s blog Dani @ ACCT11059 and say hi.

Others (like Taya Anderson) are surprised that blogging and peer communication could be so central to a unit about accounting:

“When I thought of an accounting unit, a blog and peer communication would never be something I could see playing such an important role.”

And Hamish Bowden in his blog Let’s Get Fiscal is already relating some of the concepts he his reading in the Study Guide to his prior knowledge and previous experience:

“… I have worked for QLD Fire and Rescue for the past 8 years. Believe it or not accounting has actually played a big part in the recent summer of large scale bushfires with a lot of accounts being set up with various businesses and contractors in a very dynamic manner…”

And check out Taya Anderson’s blog ACCT11059 T Anderson.

I look forward to working with you this week as we get ready for the first week of term next week.