20 March (ACCT11059)


Martin Turner here. I trust everything is going well for you.

As we reach the end of Week 2, a lot has been happening on our Facebook page (with over 3,400 posts, comments likes so far) and on PeerWise.

As well, most people have set up their blog and have started work on getting to know their firm and input their data into their spreadsheet. And quite a few people have been getting to know each other and have been helping each other with questions and issues as they come up.

Starting next week, there will be a change to the way we deliver our classes on each campus.

Starting next week (Week 3), we will move to fully online with all our classes.

About half of the people in our unit are enrolled with us online; and about half are enrolled at one of our campuses.

What this change means is that people will not attend our classes in person at any of our campuses starting next week (week 3). This will be the case for the rest of term.

Rather, everyone can Zoom live into our classes instead.

To Zoom into the first part of our classes (9.00am – 10.20am QLD time each Wednesday), simply click on the link ‘Zoom into Class’ in the top centre section of Moodle. This is one large single class for all of us. Remember to mute your mic when you join the class. 🙂

A video of this class is also posted in the weekly section of Moodle each week, usually by about 4.00pm each Wednesday.

The second part of our classes (10.30am – 12 noon QLD time each Wednesday) are run separately at each campus. This will continue to be the case. To Zoom into these classes, simply go to the ‘Zoom into Tutorials’ area in the top centre section of Moodle and click on the Zoom link to your campus.

On each campus there will also be Breakout Rooms in our tutorials.

In your tutorial, you can request the teaching staff member to move you (and others) into a Breakout Room. This will allow you to have conversations and share draft work with a small group of people in the tutorial – much as we tend to do in our tutorials when they are face-to-face. When you are finished discussing within that Breakout Room in Zoom you can then rejoin the larger Zoom group as you wish. And you can then go back into a Breakout Room again (perhaps with different people), and so on. And you can ask to join an existing Breakout Room where you might meet new people and be able to discuss issues and questions with them.

The teacher in each tutorial on each campus will be able to move in and out of each Breakout room and discuss with you specific issues and questions in each Breakout Room.

So, in the tutorials you can participate in the larger tutorial group or in sub-groups within the tutorial, as you wish.

We will adjust how we use Breakout Rooms in each tutorial, as we see what works best for each of you.

The tutorials will not be videoed.

And those of us enrolled online, can participate in live tutorial classes as well as the main lecture class. If you wish to attend a tutorial you can simply choose one of the tutorials and click on its Zoom link.

I trust you have a good weekend.

I will not be contactable over the weekend. I am spending the weekend at Great Keppel Island (near Yeppoon where I live) and the internet is not very good on the island.

Maria Tyler will keep an eye on our unit Facebook page this afternoon (Friday) and on Sunday – Maria is having this Saturday off with her family. 😊 And if there is something urgent (for example of a personal nature) you can email Maria at m.tyler@cqu.edu.au – or alternatively wait for me to respond to you next Monday.

I look forward to working with you next week as we begin to introduce Financial Statements to you. I love doing this, just as I enjoy introducing my friends to new people … I will enjoy introducing my good friends the Balance Sheet and Income Statement to you next week. 🙂

All the best.