20 March (ACCT13017)


Martin Turner here. I trust everything is going well for you.

As we reach the end of Week 2, a lot has been happening on our Facebook page and on PeerWise.

As well, most people have set up their blog (if they did not have one already) and have submitted their ASS#1 Steps 1 and 2. And most have started work on getting to know their firm and input their data into their spreadsheet.

And quite a few people have been getting to know each other and have been helping each other with questions and issues as they come up.
Starting next week, there will be a change to the way we deliver our classes on each campus.

Starting next week (Week 3), we will move to fully online with all our classes.
About 70% of the people in our unit are enrolled with us online; and about 30% are enrolled at either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane campuses.

What this change means is that people will not attend our classes in person at any of our campuses starting next week (week 3). This will be the case for the rest of term.

Rather, everyone can Zoom live into our classes instead.

Starting from next week we will run each class separately in Melbourne and Brisbane from 9.00am – 11.00am (and in Sydney from 9.00am – 12noon) QLD time each Thursday.

To Zoom into these classes, simply go to the ‘Zoom into Tutorials’ area in the top centre section of Moodle and click on the Zoom link to your campus.

The tutorials will not be videoed.

And the existing lecture videos will continue to be available in Moodle each week.

And those enrolled online, can participate in live tutorial classes if you wish. To attend a tutorial, you can simply choose one of the tutorials and click on its Zoom link.

I trust you have a good weekend.

I will not be that contactable over the weekend. I am spending the weekend at Great Keppel Island (near Yeppoon where I live) and the internet is not very good on the island.

I look forward to working with you next week as we look at Many Ways to Access Value … as we look at the Discounted Dividend (DD) Model; Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model; and the Discounted Economic Profit Model.

And do not forget to check out the great videos in Week 3: Theoretical Basis: DCF Framework and the Theoretical Basis: Economic Profit Framework.

All the best.