Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

I will tell you a few things about myself. I will also give you some of my perspectives as the unit co-ordinator (and ‘tour guide’) for Accounting, Learning & Online Communication.

One of the initial challenges for us in our unit will probably be to adjust how we learn. You will not be able to simply rote-learn ‘clear-cut facts’ about accounting and reproduce them in our assessments. What you will also need to do is to take the time and effort to understand for yourself what some of the key concepts we are studying about accounting mean to you. The assessed learning tasks in our unit are designed to help you experience this change in how you learn.

You may find this a little frustrating at first … you may find yourself asking ‘just give me the answers’ … do not worry, once you get used to it, learning for understanding and developing personal meaning is so much more fun than just rote-learning … and in years to come you will find you actually will have learnt something about accounting and will still remember and understand some of the key concepts about accounting we will be looking at.

There are also pages on our assessed learning tasks: PeerWise and Assignments . I will give you my tips and thoughts as we go along through the term.

And there are pages setting out the emails I will send everyone in our course during the term and also my tweets (@MartinTurner12), videos and a few extra pages from me.

Should be a fun journey!

I hope you come ‘on-board’ as we explore the (possibly) exciting world of accounting.


150 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Martin, thank you for the introduction! I agree with what you’re saying as I do find myself getting a little flustered when it comes to writing about topics where there is no direct answer.. (especially in exams!) I am hoping that this course and this degree in general will help change that way of thinking for me.
    I am really feeling the connection between this course and real-life accounting with the pressure and constant deadlines that approach every week! 🙂 I am finding I really have to push myself while tackling 2 other courses and ful time work but as I have worked in accounting I know that this is common, so this course is good practice!
    Looking forward to gaining new knowledge from this course – the first experience has been “blogging”.

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    • Hi Kaylee

      Thanks for your comments. And lots more opportunities to get a little flustered in the weeks ahead too! 🙂 With lots of new experiences ahead for us all.

      Look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead.



  2. Hi Martin!

    Hope you are well! Its great to have you as the unit coordinator this term. It seems like you have put a lot of effort into this unit and I just want to let you know how appreciative I am to have such an engaging unit coordinator! From what I have seen and done so far, I really think that I am going to enjoy this unit!

    Here is the link to my blog: https://shynealsaunders.wordpress.com/
    Please feel free to go on their and leave a comment saying hi and any tips on how I can improve my blog. I have never had one before so I am excited to create one and be able to interact through this with everyone in our unit.


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  3. Hi Martin.. I am Simran and I am from India. This is my first time for blogging. I am trying to do it well with your help. I am leaving this comment too late and I am really sorry for that. Looking forward to study the term with you.

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  4. Hi Martin, I’ve really enjoyed looking through your Blog. I must say this is one very impressive Blog. I’ve enjoyed this unit so far, especially interacting with other students. Having the opportunity to view other student Blogs has helped me advance so much. I look forward to the remainder of this unit.

    Thanks Nathan

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  5. Hi Martin!
    My name is Aida, and I am currently studying a bachelor of business at the Brisbane campus.
    I never thought I would like accounting as much, but it actually turned out to be one of the most intriguing subjects I have ever taken! I really enjoy the idea of using many social platforms such as PeerWise and a WordPress blog. It was great to hear from you and I am looking forward to having you as our unit coordinator this term. My blog is: aidasblog2017@wordpress.com
    Kind regards,

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  7. Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I am a mature-aged student studying undergrad for the first time and very excited about a lot of things. I am also very nervous about the online component of this unit as up until now I have had zero online presence/experience (apart from hanging ten on the Net anyway!). Whilst I have worked every day with computers since the early 1990’s, I am a complete novice at everything to do with social media….it has been a time management thing!
    I am very much looking forward to this unit.
    Cheers, Robbie T


  8. Hi Martin

    I am studying a Bachelor of Law and Accounting and so far I have really enjoyed the readings. I use to think accounting was all about doing your tax return as this was my only experience with accountants. I now realise it’s so much more. I also appreciate how interesting you’re making the unit. I can imagine it could be a very dry subject if no effort was made on your behalf to make things interesting.

    I look forward to completing the rest of the unit and subsequent accounting courses.

    Kind regards,


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  9. Hi Martin,

    My name is Dannielle and I’m a second year psychology student, studying by distance from Bowen. I took accounting thinking that it may not be the most exciting of subjects, but in only the first week it looks like it will be very interactive and have a lot of interesting content.

    Looking forward to what I am to learn this term.

    Kind regards,

    Dannielle Nicol


  10. Hi Martin

    What a fantastic blog you have, very motivating!
    I am just the beginning of my accounting journey via distance, although it is only week one I feel as if I have already learnt so much! I am not too flash with technology but have managed to create a blog, wohoo! Here is the link to my blog oliviaradford.wordpress.com

    Thanks again for your great work


    • Dear Olivia
      I am glad to hear that there are others doing this course that are yet to be technologically fluent. Look forward to seeing your blog. I link did not come up as yet.
      Wendy Armstrong


      • Sorry Olivia I meant to say a direct link did not come up as yet, that is if you want this to happen.
        Wendy Armstrong


    • Dear Olivia
      I read your blog and liked the picture heading as well. Simple can say just as much as lots of information. I enjoyed reading your reflections about history, what you do when there is a roadblock ahead, and that it seems you are thinking there is more to commerce and business. I liked knowing about why the keys are spaced the way they are. We have had exchange students from Northern Europe and they have their a and z keys in reverse positions on the keyboard. There is a lot of backspacing when using their keyboards and they feel the same using ours.
      Kind regards
      Wendy Armstrong


  11. Hi Martin,

    I have been meaning to drop a line to say hi and introduce myself. I’m Lauren and this is my first unit at University. I am looking forward to what this term has to offer but I have to admit I was expecting accounting to be more numbers than words however I am liking this different way of learning as it is a challenge. And well, who doesn’t like a challenge?




  12. Hi Martin,
    I’m Maree, first time uni student and have enrolled to complete this course as part of the first term for my Property Degree. I’m really looking forward to progressing through this unit and appreciate the ability to interact with other students and yourself through the blogs and forums, particularly being a distance student.
    Here is my link to my blog, hopefully I can do it justice!



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  13. Hi Martin,
    My name’s Taylor and I am studying ACCT11059 for Semester 3 this year as an elective. I have really enjoyed reading your introductory information and I look forward to a semester learning about Accounting, Learning and Online Communications.
    Kind regards,

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  14. Hi Martin, I am studying a bachelor of business majoring in management and HR, this is my first year studying. I am a dragline supervisor for BHP. Hopefully I can get my head around this subject.


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  15. Hi Martin,

    I am studying ACCT11059 (via distance), I am eager to learn the full depths of this unit already just from viewing the introduction of the study guide. This is my first year studying and am already of to a great start.

    Hope your doing well!

    Kind regards,


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  16. Hello Martin,
    My name is Kylie I am enrolled at CQU via distance education studying Diploma of business studies, this is my first time studying at university level and my first unit I am studying is ACCT11059: Accounting learning and communication. I am also new to blogging, my blog address is kyliepblog.wordpress.com.
    I welcome any feedback 🙂

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  17. Hi Martin,
    My name is Peyten.
    I am very new to Blogging. This is my first term of studying I am enrolled in ACCT11059 this term and I am slightly terrified and excited all at once. I am really looking forward to gaining a true understanding of what accounting is!! I welcome any feed back that you have for me that will help improve my ability to learn and develop through out this unit. Thank you 🙂


  18. Hi martin
    I am kangseon(jack) Lee and enrolled via Distance education to do this course.Introduction of unit makes me a bit nervous and afraid because i never think about learning process. However, it might be exciting and a challenge during this course.
    my blog link is https://kangseon.wordpress.com/ i welcome any comments.
    kind regards,
    kangseon (jack) Lee

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  19. Hi Martin,
    I am enrolled in ACCT11059: Accounting, Learning and Online Communication at CQU via distance for Term 3. I am studying a Bachelor of Law and Accounting. I am looking forward to learning and improving my communication skills, both online and face-to-face.

    Kai-Ishya Thompson


  20. Hi Martin,
    I’ve created a B L O G! now there’s a sentence I never thought I would be writing. lol. I am back at uni, studying a Bachelor of Property, and have quite a few years ahead of me. I am really enjoying the study guide that you have written, rather than having a prescribed text book. Thanks 🙂


  21. Hi Martin,

    Better late than never to drop by and say ‘Hi’. This subject is the first step towards my accounting degree and what I way to start! I have enjoyed reading the chapters you have authored so far and sure there is a lot more to learn in the coming weeks.


  22. Good Morning Martin,

    My name is Emma and I am not entirely sure this is where to put this, but here goes.

    I am a mature aged student, currently studying a Diploma of Business Studies via Distance.

    I am feeling quite postive about this unit, and know that there is very invaluable knowledge and insights to be discovered throughout this term.

    My Blog can be found at –


    Hope to see you there. 🙂


    • Hi Sarah
      Thanks for your message.
      And great to get starting a blog off your ‘bucket list’. Where might blogging lead you?
      And great to have you on our journey in our unit. In our first week we will particularly focus on the ‘Learning’ in Accounting, Learning & Online Communication … and lots to learn about accounting, learning & online communication in the coming months. 🙂
      I look forward to working with you this term.


  23. To Dr Turner,
    Hello. Just for the record, I introduce myself to you again:

    My name is Evan Spurway. I am currently studying:
    Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business CQ91, 4 Years Full-Time, Distance Education, with a Major in Financial Planning.
    A little later, I hope to pick up some part-time work after HE Term 1 2018 is finished, maybe for 1 day a week.
    My current ambitions are to become a Registered Tax Agent, a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), and to one day to start my own Accounting Firm. I do aspire to be much more as well, of course, such as a Registered Company Auditor, SMSF Auditor – just to name a few.
    Will I make it? Am I mad? Well, maybe.
    “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams (1951-2014)
    I am live in the town of Wyong in New South Wales, Australia. Where is Wyong? It is about an hour’s drive north of Sydney, located on the Central Coast.
    I like to follow some sports: cricket, rugby league (e.g. Parramatta Eels) and road cycling (e.g. Tour de France).

    My new blog (called Chat Flow $$$) for ACCT11059 can found at:

    I know I am a little slow getting started this Term, but I hope to pick things up early this week in a big way. So far, still being Day 1 Term 1, I hope I am going OK. I am looking forward to the benefits of this Unit.

    Bye for now.

    Best regards,
    Evan Spurway

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  24. Hi Martin,

    My name is Jacqueline Smith. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Business at CQU via distance education. I just wanted to introduce myself. My aim is to complete my Bachelor of Business with the hope that I will use that knowledge after completion of a Bachelor of Dental technology to open my own dental clinic and chain practices. I have always been surrounded in business due to my family running small businesses in Australia and the USA.I believe that this degree will enhance my knowledge as well as teach me new concepts to use for my own ambitions.

    I have started an online blog as requested it can be found at jacquelinesaccounting.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/and-i-though-it-would-be-easy/

    Kind Regards,

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    • Hi Jacqueline
      Thanks for your comment. And great to have you in our unit.
      Dental practices seem to be able to make significant revenue ‘per chair’; so they are quite interesting businesses to run as a chain.
      One key is to ensure client servicing is strong and responsive, while maximising utilisation of resources.
      Hopefully, our unit will give you a foundation in accounting that you will find very useful going forward.

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  25. Hi Martin,

    This is quite a late introductory comment on your blog, but I guess better late than never.
    My name is James and I am second year student at the Rockhampton campus. I am excited to see what this unit will bring forward. I am currently studying in a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, so for this term I have an eclectic mix of History, Literature, Accounting and Human Resources to study.

    Looking forward to working with you in this unit,


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  26. Hi Martin,
    My name is Rochelle (Shelley), and I am a distance student on the sunshine coast studying my Bachelor of Accounting. Excited to be studying this unit, and am surprised to find myself enjoying the weekly tasks, maybe a little too much so…. As i keep forgetting to check in with my other subject I am taking this term.
    I have already been in contact with you obviously and just wanted to say thanks very much for being so prompt on your response.
    So that is it for now, I just wanted to say ‘hi’. Im sure we will be speaking again soon.
    Best Regards

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    • Hi Shelley

      Thanks for your comment. Great to have you in our unit; and great to be studying accounting with you this term.

      Hope you are enjoying life on the Sunny Coast – and do not forget to also study those other units you are taking this term! 🙂

      Regards, Martin


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