24 July – ASS#1 Step 1 (1) (ACCT11059)


Martin Turner here. I am your Unit Coordinator for ACCT11059 Accounting, Learning & Online Communication.

Welcome to our unit. And it is great to have you in our unit.

I see you have not yet submitted your ASS#1 Step 1. This was due at 11.00 am Monday Week 2 (20 July).

Could you please email me back at m.turner@cqu.edu.au to let me know when you expect to submit your Step 1. I am also happy to discuss with you any questions you may have about getting started in our unit.

And do not worry about late penalties for your ASS#1 Step 1. Late penalties for all steps in ASS#1 are calculated based on the due date of all steps in ASS#1 – which is 11.00 am Monday Week 5.

You may have missed the emails I have sent everyone. You can find these here.

The first email I sent everyone has important information about how to get started in our unit.

And you can find ASS#1 by going to the Assignment folder in the top centre section of Moodle. ASS#1 is a PDF file towards the bottom of that folder.

ASS#1 Step 1 involves you reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the Study Guide (the readings for Week 1) and then writing your Key Concepts & Questions (KCQs) on that reading. You can find the Study Guide in the Study Guide section on the right hand side of Moodle. Also check out the great video How to Write KCQs.

I look forward to hearing from you – and to working with you this term to ensure you have a successful outcome in our unit.

And remember – if you are thinking of withdrawing from our unit (without failure and without paying fees), you need to do this prior to Census Date, which is Tuesday 4 August.