26 March


PeerWise update: We now have about 1,500 questions on PeerWise – and people have given about 15,000 answers to these questions.

Next Tuesday, I will also post on Moodle your first mark (out of 1%) for PeerWise based on your Reputation score on PeerWise at 5pm yesterday, Friday 25 March.

There are quite a few substandard or inappropriate questions starting to appear on PeerWise. I have deleted some of these.

I will start getting quite a bit tougher soon on deleting questions that are not helpful to have on PeerWise – that do not help the learning of others in our course.

It is important we write questions based on our reading from the Study Guide. This is what everyone is reading in our course. It is not appropriate to take questions from other sources, such as from various accounting websites. This is because this can easily be on accounting material that is not directly relevant or connected to our readings.

It is also important not to include True/False questions. Please write multiple choice questions with 4 or 5 alternatives. These provide more opportunities for people to think about their answers, and also perhaps to make errors based on their pre-existing notions that may not be correct. This can help people to learn some of the key concepts.

You also need to write a clear explanation for your questions, quoting and referencing back to the relevant pages of the Study Guide. Spend some time writing quality questions, perhaps discussing with others to get the spelling and grammar correct before posting them on PeerWise. This will provide the best support to the learning of others in our course who are answering your questions.

If you write True/False questions or questions without a clear explanation then I will be deleting these questions. Also, if you come across a question you consider should be deleted, please tick the box for inappropriate questions and that will go through to me and I will check that particular question.

It is important to ensure PeerWise is not ‘choked’ with poorly written questions that do not support well the learning of others in our course.

Having said that, many people are writing tremendous questions with quality explanations. So please keep writing these high quality questions. And when you answer a high quality question, do not forget to follow that person. More than likely they will write other high quality questions, which will continue to assist you with learning some of the key concepts in our course, and which may well help you with your assignments.

All the best with your studies. And I trust you are enjoying your Easter break.