10 July (ACCT13017)


Martin Turner here.

Welcome (again) to ACCT13017 Financial Statement Analysis – and especially if you have enrolled in our unit over the past week or so.

This is my second email to you.

It is my pleasure to be your Unit Coordinator for ACCT13017. And it is great to have you in our unit this term.

In case you missed it, my first email to you is here. It contains important information on how to get started in our unit.

And do not forget to get started on our reading for Week 1 (Preface and Chapter 1 of the Study Guide) and to get going now on PeerWise.

Already, about 25% of people in our unit have registered on PeerWise – and 7 people have written 38 questions and given 115 answers to these questions. And two people already have a score on PeerWise of over 500. Way to go… As we know, there is a great advantage in getting started early on PeerWise.

And quite a few people have already joined our unit Facebook page – and there is quite a bit happening on our unit Facebook page already.

Two people have also set up their blog and posted a link in the Blog Links forum. Why not check them out and say hi. One of these blogs is Danielle Bradley’s blog. Mark Mattes has visited Dani’s blog and has said:

“Love your blog Dani. This is a new experience for me having never blogged or viewed other peoples’ blogs before. You have provided me with some inspiration and ideas to go back and improve on mine. Looking forward to interacting with everyone during this course.”

Others have been commenting on Dani’s blog and making some connections as we start studying Financial Statement Analysis together.

Danielle says:

“I’m looking forward to this unit and love the fact that we are ending our degree like we started it in ACCT11059, with blogs, PeerWise, KCQs, engaging with students & having an assigned company to learn about… It will be great to see how much we have progressed and learnt over the course of our studies in business/accounting!”

Lots of challenges lie ahead for us in our capstone unit for our degree … as we build on what we have learnt (and perhaps not learnt!) about accounting and business in our degree.

I look forward to working with each of you.