29 Feb


Welcome again to our course.

If you missed my first email to everyone (sent last Monday 22 Feb), you can find it on my blog.

It contains important information about how to get started in our course.

I have also been tweeting @MartinTurner12 / #ACCT11059Tips. I also post my tweets on my blog.

There has been a lot happening already. Moodle opened last Monday. On PeerWise, 38 people have  written about 100 questions and given almost 700 answers to these questions and about 300 comments … as people have started the reading for Week 1 (Chapter 1 of the Study Guide) and started to write and answer each other’s questions. Let me encourage you to read my page on Peerwise in my blog, register on PeerWise, start reading the Study Guide, and dive into answering and then writing questions on PeerWise.

A few people have set up their blogs as well as their personal profiles on Moodle. This is needed for Step 1 of ASS#1, which is due on Friday 18 March in Week 2.

You can find links to people’s blogs in the Blog Links forum in the Communication box on the right hand side of Moodle. There are some great blogs taking shape.

And why not visit my blog and leave a comment and say hi? It would be great to hear from you.

Regards, Martin