3 March (ACCT13017)


Martin Turner here.

This is now my third email to you.

You can find all my emails to you here.

You can also find them by clicking on Martin’s emails in the Communication section of Moodle (on the RHS of Moodle – or at the bottom of Moodle if you are using a portable device).

My emails can be important to help you with your learning in our unit.

My first email to you contains important information about how to get started in our unit.

I will send quite a few emails in the two weeks leading up to term and in the first few weeks of term.

Although only 40% of people read their CQUni email accounts, about 40% of people have already joined our unit Facebook page and have registered on PeerWise. And that is one week before term starts, which is pretty cool.

In our unit Facebook page we have plenty of posts, comments and reactions during the last week (Week minus 2). So there is a lot happening on our unit Facebook page already, as people are getting to know each other and are settling into our unit.

In PeerWise, 8 people have written about 100 questions and 13 people have given over 400 answers to these questions. And 5 people have already gained a score of over 1,000 points in PeerWise. As quite a few people know, there is a great advantage in getting started early on PeerWise. Way to go…

Also, 8 people have posted a link to their blog in the Blog Links forum on Moodle (in the Communication section).

Kiah Frahm has set up her first ever blog The Reckoning; Yibo Sun (Yi) has set up his blog with a big ‘Welcome to My Blog’ on the front page. Melanie Watt of melaniewatt101 said:

“My name is Melanie and I am in my final semester of my Bachelor of Accounting. I am married to Duncan and we have 3 children, Gracie, Ruby and Jack. We live in Mackay and as well as studying I am working part time. I am excited to be winding up my university studies and to finally have some free time! Looking forward to an interesting semester.”

Also, Donna Condon has shaken off her ‘blog’ cobwebs from blogging 2017 and set up a blog Mature Age Account Down.

I look forward to working with you this week as we get ready for the first week of term next week.