6 March (ACCT11059)


Martin Turner here.

This is now my fifth email to you.

I know, I know … five emails and we haven’t started Week 1 yet. But I want to help everyone ‘hit the ground’ running when we start Week 1 next week.

You can find all my emails to you here. You can also find them by clicking on Martin’s emails in the Communication section of Moodle (on the RHS of Moodle – or at the bottom of Moodle if you are using a portable device).

And make sure you do not miss my first email to you. It contains important information about how to get started in our unit.

Over 30% of people have already joined our unit Facebook page and registered on PeerWise. So there are quite a few people who have already got started in our unit. And about two-thirds of people in our unit (a little over 200 people) have yet to get started on either. If that is you – it is now time to join our unit Facebook and get started on PeerWise.

To get started on PeerWise, go to the PeerWise folder in the top centre section of Moodle. This will tell you how to get started in PeerWise, including the Course ID for our unit in PeerWise (it is not ACCT11059!).

In our unit Facebook page we already have over 1,000 posts, comments and likes. It is a key communication forum for us in our unit – and plenty happening already as people are getting to know each other. We have an amazing group of people studying accounting together this term. And you can search our unit Facebook page by key word to help you find posts that might relate to questions you might have. Almost always there will be posts and comments on the very questions you have.

In PeerWise, 38 people have written over 200 questions and about 75 people have given almost 3,000 answers to these questions. And 25 people have already gained a score of over 1,000 points in PeerWise. Way to go… And there is a great advantage in getting started early on PeerWise.

Also, 19 people have posted a link to their blog in the Blog Links forum on Moodle (in the Communication section). This is one of the things we need to do in ASS#1 Step 2 (due Monday Week 3). So lots of great blogs to check out … and to say hi to people on.

Alice Dolinski has creatively called her blog The Accountant. Alice’s blog might become popular as she already has set up Upcoming Events pages for the first two steps of ASS#1 and when they are due. Alice is based in Bundaberg and has an interest in horses (and alpacas) and is waiting for ‘brutally honest’ feedback… oh no, wait until we get to ASS#1 Step 6 where we give feedback to each other….:

“I’m based in Bundaberg with my two alpacas, an OTT horse and my boyfriend. [Editor: order of each noted].  I currently juggle a few jobs and am also completing a certificate in equine sports massage whilst helping look after my disabled sister. [Editor: Alice keeps busy…]. I’m completing a dual Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business (financial planning) degree as I hope to pave a career in financial planning as I find it very interesting how bringing all the various elements together significantly influences the outcome and I highly enjoy establishing a relationship with clients. [Editor: Alice sounds like she has a clear idea where she wants to go!].

I’m always open to learning and trying new things, whatever they may be, so I ask that you are brutally honest with your feedback as it is the only way to grow.” [Editor: Very true …]

Check out Alice Dolinksi’s blog The Accountant and say hi.

And Simon Callaway has called his blog My Journey On The Highway Of Learning. Simon keeps busy … with his 4am starts and studying in the evening … and Simon is also keen for some feedback on his first go at ASS#1 Step 1:

“My work week has been quite busy (as has the past month or so), an average day Mon to Fri (sometimes a part Sunday! yay). Involves getting my butt out of bed at 0400 to go for a run, along with a short Tabata circuit, at work 0600ish and finishing at 530pm for dinner. Finished off with a side of studying!
I’ve cranked out part 1A of step 1, pretty much just my KCQ’s for the Introduction to the study guide. Would love some feedback, both good and bad! Please in terms of content not in presentation, as that will be improved.”

Check out Simon Callaway’s blog My Journey On The Highway Of Learning and say hi … and give Simon some feedback on his first go at ASS#1 Step 1… both good and bad.

And Bradley Connors in his Accounting blog is clear on why he is studying our unit:

“This is my accounting blog. I’m studying accounting because I don’t understand accounting. ”

Bradley, you have come to the right place. One of the questions we will be asking ourselves in this unit is ‘What is accounting?’ …. and we will be focusing on understanding accounting, and on understanding the thinking behind accounting. And helping to demystify financial statements and to make them our friend. 🙂

I look forward to working with you next week, the first week of our term…. and the first term of studying at university, for many people in our unit.