8 April (ACCT11059)


We have completed marking everyone’s ASS#1 Steps 2-6.

There is some great ASS#1 Steps 2-6 General Feedback. If you have not read it yet, grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes reflecting on the feedback, including comments from other students in our unit.

There are also some great ASS#1 Steps 2-6 Exemplars from Christine Smith (Perth – Distance), Elenore Cross (Rockhampton – Distance) and Toni Daniel (Mackay – Distance) in the Feedback section on the right hand side of Moodle.

A number of people have not yet submitted their ASS#1 Steps 2-6. If that is you, please email me at m.turner@cqu.edu to discuss your situation.

We are keen to support you to keep up in our unit. We aim to support everyone in our unit in a personal and flexible way, as we learn with and from each other.