ACCT11059 ASS#1 Steps 2-6 Marking Plan

Hi Bridget, Maria, John and Karen,

I hope everything is going well.

It is great to have you marking with us this term.

The number of students you will mark are:

Bridget:    30

Maria:    100

John:        30

Karen:     50

Martin:  108

Total:  318 students

Bridget and Maria – there may be some delays getting the marking contracts to you – everything is a bit stretched at the moment. However, please just start marking and we will sort out the contracts a little bit later, if necessary.

These are our overall targets (in terms of timeliness):

Day -2 (11am Sat)                        2.5%

Day -1 (11am Sun)                         5%

Day 0 (11am Mon Wk5)            15%

Day 1 (11am Tues)                      35%

Day 2 (11am Wed)                      65%

Day 3 (11am Thurs)                   90%

Day 4 (11am Fri)                       100%

Please mark these students:

John: Brisbane, Perth, Gladstone

Karen: Cairns, Townsville, Bundaberg and Online (Laine FLETCHER – Hope LAURITSEN )

Bridget: Online (Amber ANASTASI – Emma FINGER)

Maria: Rockhampton, Mackay and Online (Courtney LEEDER – Luke WRIGHT)

Martin: Melbourne, Sydney and Online (remaining)

Our plan is that, if we wish, we can take a ‘shift’ at marking the early submitted assignments from all students for a period of a few hours during Days -3, -2 and -1.

This does not mean you need to mark flat out during these ‘shifts’. It simply means that you should check Moodle regularly and mark any students that need marking during this ‘shift’. There may only be a few students to mark – and if you are not able to mark all the students that submit during your ‘shift’, that is also fine. They can just be passed on to the person marking the next ‘shift’.

And please make a note how many students you marked during your ‘shift’ and send it to me. This can form part of your ‘tally’ of students you are to mark.

The idea is that we keep on top of those who early submit and mark them relatively promptly.

Please let me know if you would like to take any ‘shifts’.

The ‘shifts’ are:

Friday (Day -3): 2-5pm

Friday (Day -3): 6-9pm+

Saturday (Day -2): 9am – 12noon

Saturday (Day -2): 2.00pm -5.00pm

Saturday (Day -2): 6-9pm+

Sunday (day -1): 9am – 12noon

Sunday (Day -1): 2.00pm – 5.00pm

From Sunday 6.00pm, we can start marking our own students.

The number of students everyone will mark are:

Bridget:   30

John:        30

Karen:     50

Maria:   100

Martin:  108

Total:      318

From 6.00pm Sunday (5 April) everyone can start marking their own students (if you wish and are available). Usually students start submitting in numbers from about 6.00pm onwards the night before; with a big rush close to 11.00am Monday.

I will moderate the first 5 students you mark. Please forward these marked assignments to me one-by-one as you mark them. I prefer to receive them this way.

Please let me know when you plan to start marking and I will plan my time so I can moderate your assignments quickly.

Late penalties: Given the virus pandemic and all the challenges this has imposed on many people, I intend to not impose late penalties on assignments submitted prior to 11.00am Thursday 9 April. This is entirely informal and not to be communicated to the students.

For students who submit after 11.00am Thursday 9 April, please send me the marked assignments (before lodging them on Moodle) and I will determine the late penalty.

I look forward to working with you as we together support our students’ learning by giving them quality, timely feedback.