ACCT11059 ASS#2 Steps 3&4 Marking Plan

Hi Bridget, Maria, Trish, Cerise, John and Karen,

I hope everything is going well.

ASS#2 Steps 3 & 4 (ACCT11059) is due at 11.00am Monday 7 May.

The number of students you will mark are:

Bridget:  25

Maria:    45

Trish:     20

Cerise:    10

John:       50

Karen:    50

Martin:  80

Total:   320 students

These are our overall targets (in terms of timeliness):

Day -2 (11 am Sat 5 May)           2.5%

Day -1 (11 am Sun 6 May)           5%

Day 0 (11 am Mon 7 May)         15%

Day 1 (11 am Tues 8 May)         30%

Day 2 (11 am Wed 9 May)          45%

Day 3 (11 am Thurs 10 May)      60%

Day 4 (11 am Fri 11 May)            75%

Day 5 (11 am Sat 12 May)            90%

Day 6 (11 am Sun 13 May)          100%

Our plan is that Karen will mark all students on Friday (4 May) and Saturday (5 May) morning until 12 noon; John will mark on Saturday (5 May) 1-5pm; Maria will mark Saturday (5 May) evening 6pm+ and Sunday (6 May) morning until 12 noon; and John will mark Sun (6 May) 1-5pm.

If anyone would like to mark on Sunday (6 May) evening, please let me know.

Also, Bridget, Trish and Cerise – please let me know when you plan to start marking and I will plan my time so I can moderate your assignments quickly.

On Monday 7 May, everyone can start marking their own students (if you wish and are available). Usually students start submitting in numbers from about 6.30pm onwards the night before; with a big rush close to 11.00am Monday.

I will moderate the first 5 students you mark. Please forward these marked assignments to me one-by-one as you mark them. I prefer to receive them this way.

I look forward to working with you as we together support our students’ learning by giving them quality, timely feedback.