ACCT11059 ASS#2 Steps 3&4 Marking Plan

Hi Karen, John, Maria and Bridget

I hope everything is going well.

Please start marking ASS#1 Steps 2-6 from this Friday (10 May). We should have a few students who have submitted by then. 

The marking for each of you (number of students) is the same as with ASS#1:

Bridget: 25
John: 50
Karen: 65
Maria: 85

I will mark the remainder.

As with ASS#1, I have allocated you the following students to mark:

Bridget: ROK and Gladstone
John: MEL and SYD
Karen: BNE, CNS, TVL, BDG, Perth
Maria: DST (Rodney Allport – Leigh Scherer) and MKY

When you have completed your number of students to mark, please let me know and I will mark any remaining students allocated to you.

And here is the Marking guide.

Please send me the first 5 students you mark for moderation. Please send them to me one at a time as you mark each one.

Our targets for marking ASS#1 Steps 2-6 are:

Day -2: 11.00am Saturday: 3%
Day -1: 11.00am Sunday: 5%
Day 0: 11.00am Mon: 25%
Day 1: 11.00am Tues: 50%
Day 2: 11.00am Wed: 75%
Day 3: 11.00am Thurs: 90%
Day 4: 11.00am Friday: 100%