ACCT11059 Emails – Teaching Staff

Email 1 – 6/3/2018

Hi Carmen, Doug, Maria, Karen, John, Lois, Peter, Mohammad and Harry

Welcome again to our unit this term. It is great to be working with each of you to give our students across all our locations (and distance) the opportunity to learn about accounting, learning & online communication in a real and meaningful way for them.

Interactive Workshops

This year we are trying out 3 hour interactive workshops for each location (other than Perth). In Perth we are using a private tutoring/assisted distance approach.

These are on Wednesday at 9am-12 noon. For Sydney and Melbourne, while there is daylight saving these will be from 10am – 1pm.

We are experimenting a bit with this format, so we will probably adjust it a bit as we go during the term.

In the workshops, we will roughly divide them in two. The first half will be an interactive lecture, where material is presented with opportunities for students (in groups of 4) to interact with each other and to post their answers to questions in Socrative and share across the total class at all locations.

The second half will be a ‘tutorial’ section. Students in groups of 4 will answer questions and discuss different topics, sometimes contributing responses and answers through Socrative to the whole group. It will be possible for the groups of students in each location to do their own discussions during this phase, with less need to connect with the other locations.

The key task for each of us as teachers on each location is to ensure all students form into groups of 4 (say 3-5 students); that there are no ‘stray students’ not participating in a group (this is not allowed! 🙂 ); and that each of the groups function well as discussion groups and fully participate in the topics under discussion.

Another important task for each of us is to manage the microphone at each location – turning it on when students at our location are speaking to the whole class; and turning it off at other times. This is a critical task to make sure the interactive class works well across so many locations.

We will give it a go this week (Week 1) – which will be an introductory class with ice breakers etc, and then we will focus on the ‘Learning’ part of Accounting, Learning & Online Communication. Once we have done this, at our team meeting this week we can then debrief on how this went, what worked well and raise ideas on how we could do it differently/better.

Team Meeting

We will have a team meeting this week on Thursday at 2.00 – 2.30pm.

Mohammad Sarker is unable to make this time, and I will meet with Mohammad separately.

SUN (Start Uni Now) students

We have four SUN students studying our unit while also studying at high school. They are enrolled as distance students. These students are:

John – Bundaberg

Erin Clayton Bundaberg 4670 St Luke’s Anglican School
Emma Deighton Gooburrum 4670 Bundaberg North State High School

Doug – Townsville

Claudia Turiano Brandon 4808 Burdekin Catholic High School

Martin – Rockhampton

Rebecca Berlin Gracemere 4702 Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

John and Doug, could you please contact the SUN students near you by email and give them online or phone support as they might need. It is important that we do not ‘mother’ them too much; but we also want to give them a good experience of learning with us, which they will then no doubt relate to their school friends and parents.

All the schools these students come from participate in the School Business Challenge with us each year.

I look forward to working with you this term, as we work together to support the learning of all our students.