ACCT11059 Workshop Questions: Analysing Financial Statements

Question 4-1

Why should we bother restating a firm’s financial statements? What benefit could there be in simply re-arranging the elements of a firm’s financial statements?


Question 4-2

Why is clearly separating a firm’s operating and financial activities a ‘powerful way of viewing a firm’? What is the difference between a firm’s operating and financial activities? Why is this difference so fundamental that there is benefit in considering each quite separately?


Question 4-3

What aspects of a firm’s financial statements drive its return on net operating assets (RNOA)?


Question 4-4

Which aspects that you identified in your answer to Question 4–3 above do you think are the most important? What, in turn, drives these accounting drivers of a firm’s financial performance? When analysing a firm’s financial statements, what do you think we should focus on and why?