ACCT11081 Assessment background information – to be finalised!!

Detailed assessment task will be on this page. The UC will outline all pieces of assessment clearly. The following information is mandatory:

·         Assessment number: 3

·         Assessment type: Written assignments (2); online quiz.

·         Weighting: Assignment – 25%; Assignment – 75%; PeerWise – 5%

·         Group or individual: each assessment is indivdiual

·         Due date and time (assessments must have due date and time)

·         Clear assessment tasks that needs to be completed. Focus has to be based on assessments that are related to workplace issues. UC must map the assessment with learning outcomes of the unit and course.

·         Marking rubric must be available for each assessment task


If the assessment is group work then information should be provided on how many students per group. If assessment requires presentation, then information must be provided on what students must provide e.g. ppt slides. Information must be provided on how flexible students will complete presentations. UC must check the capacity of Moodle to upload the size of files before setting requirements.


Exams: units with exams must have exam advice provided.