ACCT13017 Questions: Week 12 Going Forward

Question 1

What is the value to you of having a theory about how firms add value? How does this help you to analyse and make personal sense of the financial statements of firms?


Question 2

Engaging with the economic and business realities of firms is hard and difficult work. What could be wrong with letting others do this work and relying on listed share prices of firms, or of their comparable firms, to help us value firms? People hold a range of views on this issue. What do you currently think about this issue yourself? Why do you think this?


Question 3

What is the likelihood that you will use in your professional and personal business and investing life the knowledge and skills covered in our unit? Why is that? What do you think you might use and what do you think you might discard or ignore?


Question 4

What may have changed for you from studying our unit? Have you simply added to (or reviewed) your knowledge and store of facts about aspects of accounting or finance? Or have you changed the way you view some aspects of reality, ways you may view some aspects of what adds value in business? Discuss.