ASS#1 Step 1 Update


I have finished reading and marking everyone’s ASS#1 Step 1.

As it always is, it is so interesting reading what everyone has to say. There are a wide range of responses and opinions about the various key concepts in the reading; and also a range of responses to the requirements of our unit.

Many people are excited to be studying with us this term. And some are finding the adjustments to learning for understanding (rather than simply ‘rote learning’) to be challenging and rather daunting; while others are quickly adjusting and finding it enjoyable and interesting. And for those who find it a particular struggle to make this adjustment, I am very happy to support you and assist you where I can.

There are a number of people who have not yet submitted your ASS#1 Step 1. We will be contacting you over the next few days to support you to get back on track in our unit.

Also, if anyone finds themselves falling behind in our unit at any stage during the term, please discuss your situation with me (if you are studying by distance) or with your lecturer (if you are studying at one of our locations). We will be happy to support you and to help you quickly get back on track in our unit.

And it is great to see people’s developing understanding about some of the key concepts we are studying this term.

We have now completed about one-sixth of our unit (2 weeks). All the best with your studies as we enter Week 3.