ASS#1 Step 1 – Update


I am enjoying reading your ASS#1 Step 1.

I have read and marked about 50% of everyone’s Step 1. I expect to have everyone’s Step 1 marked by the end of this week.

So many interesting comments, reflections, questions and developing insights of the key concepts in the reading for Week 1.

Here is your General Feedback for ASS#1 Step 1.

And there is a great exemplar from Hannah James (Online/Distance – Gladstone) in the Feedback section in Moodle.

The standard has so far been very high. As you have shared drafts with each other, you will have seen many amazing discussions and reflections about key concepts in the reading for Week 1.

One or two people have gained a 3/3. I do not give many 3/3’s, but sometimes I can’t help myself – the quality of the developing insights are just so good.

Quite a few people gained 2.5/3 or 2.25/3 – and many wrote very high quality Step 1’s.

The average mark is about 2.25/3 – which is at a distinction level. So a great start for most people. 🙂

I look forward to continuing to read your Step 1.

And do not forget our reading for this week – Chapters 1 & 2 of the Study Guide, as we look at ‘A Way of Viewing Business/Accounting Rules’.



18 March