ASS#1 Step 1: Update


I hope you are having a good time finalising your ASS#1 Step 1.

About 10% of people have submitted their ASS#1 Step 1 already (that is about 50 people).

I have marked them and returned a mark. Feedback will be General Feedback and Exemplars, which will be available on Monday (after the due time).

I am really enjoying seeing what you have to say. There are some really great reflections and responses to some of the key concepts in the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the Study Guide.

Check out the ASS#1 Step 1 from Sam Rippon of Bundaberg.

Sam wrote a most insightful and thoughtful discussion of some of the key concepts in the reading. Sam’s comments and insights on the ‘How We Learn’ section is quite outstanding. Also, his connection of the issue of confidence with his sport experience was brilliant.

And I enjoyed reading Natasha Hodgson’s ASS#1 Step 1 very much. Natasha is from Nabawa, a small town in the mid west region of Western Australia, about 40 km northeast of  Geraldton.

Natasha communicated some great insights and awareness into merely ‘rote learning’; and her connection to her prior knowledge and previous experience with her eldest son and his learning was brilliant.

I look forward to reading your ASS#1 Step 1.

Do not forget. It is due by 11.00am Monday 13 March (AEST).



Sunday 12 March (11.00am)