ASS#1 Step 6


ASS#1 Step 6: Giving and receiving feedback from others.

Prior to 5.00pm Friday 24 March (Week 3), please:

  • post draft work of your ASS#1 on your blog;
  • provide a link to your blog on the Draft ASS#1 Feedback forum (which you should already have done in Step 2) and post in the Draft ASS#1 Feedback forum a comment that your draft ASS#1 is ready for student feedback and, if you wish, specific areas where you would particularly value feedback.

It is great to see so many people are having a good time working on your ASS#1. So many interesting comments and information about your companies on your blogs. And many people have been entering their firm’s financial statements into their spreadsheet; and drafted their key concepts and questions about the readings.

For ASS#1 Step 6, where we share our draft work and give feedback to others on their draft work, please share as much of your work as you can by this Friday. Some people may not have attempted all parts of ASS#1 by then; others may have completed a lot of work on all of the steps in their ASS#1. This is all fine.

The key to Step 6 is to give quality feedback to others. If you wish, you can organise who you will give and receive feedback to in advance; quite a few people will no doubt do this. Or you can simply choose some draft ASS#1 work on the Draft ASS#1 Feedback forum and give some feedback.

Generally, we learn much more from giving feedback to others than from receiving feedback? Why might this be?

I look forward to continuing to read your draft work on your blogs; and I, and our marking team, look forward to reading your ASS#1 in a few weeks.