This section sets out information about the three stages of the Assignment in our course: ASS#1, ASS#2 and ASS#3.

ASS#1 is due: Monday 4 April 11.00am AEST (Week 5)

ASS#2 is due: Monday 9 May 11.00am AEST (Week 9)

ASS#3 is due: Monday 6 June 11.00am AEST (Review/Exam Week)

You can find each stage of the Assignment in the ‘Assignments’ folder in the top centre section of Moodle.

When you have completed each stage of your Assignment, you submit it by going to the Assessment box on the left hand side of Moodle.

You can find more information about each stage of the Assignment by hovering over Assignment in the menu and going to the sub-menu pages.

I, and our team of markers, look forward to reading each stage of your assignment.

You will receive a mark, individual feedback, general feedback and exemplars.

Also, watch my blog (and also my tweets @MartinTurner12/#ACCT11059Tips) for tips and suggestions about your Assignment.

Regards, Martin