Task Description

ASS#1 is the first stage of your major assignment for this course. It is made up of five steps. Step 1 is due at the end of Week 2.

You will be given your company at the end of Week 1.

You do not need your company to complete Step 1 (and Step 4) of your ASS#1. So you can get started on these steps of your ASS#1 right at the beginning of our course.

Check out my video ASS#1 Getting Started, to help you set up your company spreadsheet (once you know the name of your company) and to, well, get started on your ASS#1.

This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore what your own company does and what your firm’s financial statements may have to tell you about your firm.

The key things to achieve in your ASS#1 is to find your company’s latest annual report and to have a look at it; to get a feel for what your firm actually does and what you are able to understand about your firm from your first look at its financial statements. You will also input your company’s last four years of financial statements into your spreadsheet.

As well, you will have the opportunity to experience how interacting with others in the course may be able to help you to better understand your firm.

Assessment Due Date

Week 5 Monday (04-Apr-2016) 11:00 AM AEST


You will receive a mark, individual feedback, general feedback and exemplars.



Assessment Criteria

Step 1  (3 marks)

Introductory words in Description box
Photo and description
Link to your blog/Set up blog

Step 2 (9 marks)
Background information on company
Comments/Key concepts & questions (KCQs)
Comments on other’s blogs

Step 3 (5 marks)
Input company’s financial statements

Step 4 (5 marks)
Key concepts & questions (KCQs)

Step 5 (3 marks)
Individual feedback with other students

TOTAL 25 marks