Task Description

ASS#2 is the second stage of your major assignment in our course. It builds on your ASS#1 and has four steps.

Step 1: (5 marks)

Step 1 involves you writing down some of your ideas, reflections and reactions to reading Chapter 4 ‘Analysing Financial Statements’ in the Study Guide

Step 2: (18 marks)

Step 2 involves you restating your firm’s financial statements

Step 3: (4 marks)

Step 3 involves you identifying three products or services of your firm and estimating/guessing their selling price and variable cost. You will also comment on the contribution margins you calculate as well as identify constraints and briefly comment on them. Remember, do not spend too long on Step 3 (it is worth just 4 marks). If you have trouble easily identifying three specific products or services of your firm, then quickly make some assumptions about what specific products/services your firm might have. You will also likely need to guess the selling price and variable cost of each product/service. Try to make your assumptions reasonably realistic.

Step 4: (3 marks)

Step 4 involves you providing (and receiving) feedback to three other students in our course on their draft ASS#2. These may be the same three students you provided feedback to in ASS#1, but do not need to be.

Assessment Due Date

Week 9 Monday (09-May-2016) 11:00 AM AEST


Your ASS#2 will be marked promptly – and within 3 weeks. You will receive a mark, individual feedback, general feedback and exemplars.