Task Description

ASS#3 is the third and final stage of your major assignment in our course. It has three steps.

Step 1: (17 marks)

Step 1 involves you calculating some ratios for your firm (and also its economic profit) and assessing its business performance

Step 2: (5 marks)

Step 2 involves you developing a capital investment decision for your firm and completing a simple analysis of this decision using Payback Period, NPV and IRR

Step 3: (3 marks)

Step 3 involves you providing (and receiving) feedback to three other students in our course on their draft ASS#3. These will (usually) be the same three students you provided feedback to in ASS#1 and ASS#2.

Assessment Due Date

Review/Exam Week Monday (06-Jun-2016) 11:00 AM AEST


Your ASS#3 will be marked promptly – and within 2 weeks. You will receive a mark,
general feedback and exemplars.