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Welcome (yet again) to our unit.

People are still enrolling into our unit; particularly international students in the capital cities, who are arriving into a new country with lots of adjustments (and adventures) ahead!

This is my third email to you. If  you missed my first two emails to everyone (sent earlier this week), you can find them on my blog.

And my first email (20 February) contains great information about how to get started in our unit. Definitely not to be missed!

I have also been tweeting @MartinTurner12 / #ACCT11059. And I post my tweets on my blog (for those who may not be on Twitter).

A few people have set up their blogs as well as their personal profiles on Moodle. This is needed for Step 2 of ASS#1, which is due on Monday 20 March in Week 2. So the ‘smart money’ is getting these set up now and starting to communicate and connect with others.

You can find links to people’s blogs in the Blog Links forum in the Communication section on the right-hand side of Moodle. There are some great blogs taking shape.

For example, see the blogs of Danielle (or Dani) Bradley Be audit you can be… and also Jaiyme Shaw Jaiyme @ CQU.

Danielle is based in Cairns and during this term I think we might find out more about  Cairns Sharehouse, where Dani works part-time. Danielle’s tagline is ‘My Journey in to the Accounting World at CQU’. Dani, I think it may be an exciting and (at times) challenging trip! Many of us in the unit will be juggling family and work commitments while studying during this term. As well as plenty of people coming straight out of school, with much fewer commitments! And see Dani’s comments on her experience of starting to read the Study Guide and of getting going on PeerWise.

At Jaiyme’s blog you can meet Jaiyme’s dog Bo. Try and pick the similarities between Bo and Jaiyme on her homepage. Jaiyme is studying a Bachelor of Accounting (as are many people in our unit). She notes in her blog that “I am not sure what to major/minor in yet but I am sure that it will come to me” (as, no doubt, are many people in our unit who are studying Bachelor of Accounting). More about this in a few weeks for those Bachelor of Accounting-ing people in our unit.

And why not visit my blog and leave a comment and say hi? It would be great to hear from you.