Distance Students – Research Project (ACCT11059)


My name is Martin Turner. I am your unit co-ordinator for ACCT11059 Accounting, Learning & Online Communication.

Almost half of our students in our unit are distance students, studying with us fully online.

We are very committed to supporting you to connect to and feel part of a larger learning community of about 350 people in our unit. The last thing we want is for you to feel isolated and alone – and left trying to learn about accounting as best you can on your own.

To help us better support our distance students to experience ‘real’, active learning in a supportive and interactive learning community, we are researching the experience of learning of our distance students in our unit.

Attached is an Information Sheet outlining important information about this research.

Please read this Information Sheet and then complete the attached Consent Form.

For those who agree to participate, we will study your responses to your surveys and assignments to help understand your experience of learning in this unit. We will only do this after grades have been finalised for our unit. The surveys and assignments are a normal part of the unit and are designed to support the learning of all students in the unit.

So for those who agree to participate, there will be nothing extra for you to do other than the normal learning activities in our unit.

Please complete the attached Consent Form and email it to Melissa Dobbs at: m.dobbs@cqu.edu.au.

If you have any difficulty getting your Consent Form to Melissa Dobbs, please contact Melissa at 07 4923 2741 or at m.dobbs@cqu.edu.au and she will help you.

As set out in the Information Sheet, I will not see the Consent Forms until after grades have been finalised in our unit. During our unit, I will not know who has, or has not, consented to be part of our research.

I look forward to you participating in our research during our unit, and to working with you as we together explore the exciting world of accounting in business.


Martin Turner