Feb 28 (ACCT11059)


Here we are on Friday afternoon of what I like to call Week Minus 2. Just another week before we get to Week 1 of our term.

There has been a lot happening on PeerWise this week.

…49 people (about 15% of everyone in our unit) have registered on PeerWise. Of these,13 people have written 53 questions and 29 people have given over 400 answers to these questions.

And 3 people have already gained scores of over 1,000 on PeerWise. Way to go…
Do not forget to register on PeerWise and start having fun answering, commenting on and rating some of the 53 questions people have already written on PeerWise.

And as you read the Study Guide, write down some multiple choice questions with solutions and explanations to include on PeerWise, and add to the learning environment for everyone in our unit.
Bye for now.


PS: About 66 people (about 20% of people in our unit) have joined our unit Facebook page and started interacting with others and getting to know each other. We have a great group of people in our unit this term. 🙂