International Experiences


We will have Josh Langdon coming to visit us in one of our interactive lectures this term to discuss all the great opportunities for international experiences available to people studying at CQUni. Josh has the really cool title of International Partnerships & Recruitment Executive at CQUniversity. How do I get a job like that?

These are not necessarily for everyone, depending on your life circumstances, but we will see that these opportunities for international experiences can include studying for a term overseas (while gaining credit in your degree!) through to short week or two opportunities to gain some great overseas experiences. For example, there is one currently available to go to Vietnam at the end of this term: CQU Social Innovation and Development Program (Vietnam):

The CQU Social Innovation and Development Program (Vietnam) is an immersive educational program to provide students with first-hand knowledge of sustainable development in an emerging economy context. It uses social innovation as the theme to explore global issues, while also improving their understanding of Australia’s role in international partnerships and engagement.

This program provides student participants with the opportunity to learn in the Vietnamese and Asian context, undertake a social innovation project, and develop their cross-cultural knowledge and skills. This innovative program aims to create socially minded professionals ready to effectively engage on global issues in the Asian Century.

With input from Vietnamese mentors, this program explores how to address key global issues: from eliminating poverty to creating sustainable cities; from providing clean water to reducing inequality; innovation can help address the world’s most pressing development challenges. This program prepares participants to face these challenges head on.

Everyone studying at CQUniversity can be eligible to participate in international experiences (both international and domestic students). And the really great thing is that if you are an Australian citizen you can apply for a New Colombo scholarship of $3,000 to, for example, cover almost all the costs in Vietnam (including all meals); and you can get a student (OS-Help) loan to cover the cost of your international flights. You can see why these sorts of international experiences are so popular.

Other details on the CQU Social Innovation and Development Program (Vietnam) are:

Group size

15 students accompanied by a member of staff.

Expected Dates

June – July 2017.


Two weeks.


You need to have successfully completed one term of full-time study (or equivalent part-time/flex) of an undergraduate program.

Estimated costs

AUD $3250. This includes all meals and in-country activities. This excludes international flights and visa costs.


Australian citizens are eligible for $3000 scholarship awarded to the University under the Government’s prestigious New Colombo Plan funding scheme. This amount would be deducted from the project and travel fees.

OS-Help loans are also available to assist with the cost. More information here.

There are so many opportunities at university to learn, experience new things and, well, to really learn. One of the things we will be looking at in the beginning of our unit will be what is learning? ‘What do you think learning is?’ is the first question in our Pre-Unit Survey. I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say about this.