Introduction: Q1

Q1: Why should I read the Study Guide in our unit?


Four reasons why you should read the Study Guide each week:

  • Marks
  • Spend time with the author (Martin)
  • Open your mind
  • More interesting person

Here are a few thoughts as to why you should read this study guide:

  1. You can get some marks in ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting by writing your key concepts and questions from reading the study guide; and from writing, answering and commenting on questions in PeerWise based on your The readings will also help you significantly with your preparation for the exam.
  2. You can spend time with the author (me) as we discuss together some of the key concepts about ‘where accounting comes from’. You can do this wherever you are; and wherever I And you can do this whenever it suits you.
  3. Also, reading can open your mind; it can open new worlds, ideas and pathways for you. And the people you meet from reading can inspire you and help to put you in touch with ‘where your dreams come from’.
  4. And reading may make us more interesting people. The ability to think for yourself, be curious and to discuss meaningfully a wide range of subjects can give you more depth and make you a more interesting and attractive person to others.

So, reading this study guide can help you earn some marks in our unit; give you the opportunity to spend some ‘quality time’ with me (the author) on some key concepts about accounting and ‘where accounts come from’; can open your mind; and even, possibly, make you a more attractive and interesting person (but be careful of the social contexts in which you start excitedly discussing the finer points of double-entry accounting).