Key Concepts & Questions (KCQs) – ACCT11081

“On this page are the guidelines for marking Key Concepts and Questions (KCQs); and also some tips and ideas on how to approach writing your KCQs when reading chapters from the Study Guide.”

Martin Turner

Guidelines for marking KCQs (out of 2 marks)

Here are the guidelines on what we look for at each marking level (when the KCQs are marked out of 4):

2   Communicate personally significant insights and engagement with the material

1.75   Communicate well your understanding and developing insights into some of the key concepts. Also communicate well your opinions and responses to some of the key concepts, supporting your reactions with evidence from your own prior knowledge and previous experience and of others in the unit

1.5   Communicate your understanding of some of the key concepts in your own words. Communicate your opinions and reactions to some of the key concepts, with some support and evidence from your  prior knowledge and previous experience

1.25  Describe some of the key concepts in your own words. Communicate your opinions and responses to some of the key concepts, with limited support from your prior knowledge and previous experience

1   Simply summarise most of the material

0-0.5  Incomplete in significant respects


Tips from Martin

Here are a few thoughts on writing your Key Concepts and Questions (KCQs).

Describe carefully in your own words your understanding of a key concept.

Then communicate to me your response or reaction to this key concept. Do you agree or disagree with this concept, and why? Are you surprised, confused, interested, bored or challenged by this concept, and why? Support your responses and reactions with evidence and reasons from your prior knowledge and previous experience.

Also, if you have any new flashes of fresh insights (those ‘ah-haha!’ moments) then make sure you also include these.

Also include any questions you have; or aspects you still find confusing.

Post from Danielle Bradley (Cairns)

Here is a post from Dani Bradley (Cairns), a past student:

NEED HELP??? My personal thoughts on conquering KCQ’s

“I’ve seen a few people struggling with writing their KCQ’s for the study guide readings so I thought I would write out how I conquer the KCQ’s.

Now I’m no expert so take it as you will but hopefully this will assist some of you with strengthening your assignment 😄1. Write down the key concept
2. What do you understand the concept to be in your own words?
3. What is your reaction to the concept? Were you confused, unsure, relieved to comprehend the concept, etc.
4. Did the concept raise further questions for you?
5. Can you relate the concept back to your personal experiences or life in general?When writing my own KCQ’s I follow the above method. Once I have all my information I then start writing my KCQ story and try to outline where I can connect the concepts and create a flowing piece of work. Not all steps occur in the same order for each concept and that’s ok as long as they are incorporated into my work.

Like I said, I’m no expert but having a clear outline of what to include helps me when trying to get my thoughts on paper 😊

Good luck everyone!”