Last email from Martin – ACCT11059


I hope everything is going well.

Today is Certification Date and you can now find out your grades for our unit.

For those who may find they have not have passed our unit this term, when you study ACCT11059 with us again please email the unit coordinator to let us know you are studying our unit again. Maria Tyler will be the Unit Coordinator in T2 and T3, 2019; and I will be the Unit Coordinator in T1, 2020. We will give you every support to ensure you have a better outcome next time. A key factor to pass our unit is to be organised (and start early!); and to plan your time and work effectively with others in our unit.

For those who will be studying ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting with us in future (which will be about half of the people in our unit), similar skills in being organised, starting early in the term (particularly with PeerWise, and keeping up with the readings each week) and working steadily each week, and being able to interact well with others, will also be critical in that unit. And we look forward to you joining us in that unit in future.

And for those who have now completed your one accounting unit in your degree, I trust you have gained something of value about accounting that will stay with you throughout the rest of your studies and in your working life. After all, all of the business disciplines are interconnected with each other; so accounting will keep popping up in your business careers.

Farewell 5

It has been great working with each of you this term; and I wish you every success with your studies in the future.