PeerWise Step 3


Your PeerWise Step 3 mark is available in Moodle.

If you have any questions or concerns about your mark, please email me at

There is also plenty happening on PeerWise, as we move into management accounting next week. Our topic next week (Week 8) is “Understanding Key Cost Relationships & ASS#2 Discussion”, as we focus on Chapters 4 and 6 in the Study Guide.

There are about 275 people (from all around Australia) who have written about 3,500 questions on PeerWise; and about 375 people have given over 50,000 answers to these questions, as well as about 5,000 comments. And the top score in PeerWise is fast approaching 10,000 (I know who you are!); and I have just reached a score of 8,000 … but have been pipped out of the top 5. 😦

PeerWise is a great way to review some of the key concepts in the readings each week. And even though the quality of the questions can become more variable as we move further into term, those of us who are following some of the writers of the best questions on PeerWise, have lots and lots of great, high-quality questions to answer, comment on and engage with.

And I look forward to reading your ASS#2 Step 2 (due 11:00am Monday 1 May).