PeerWise Step 1 mark


Your PeerWise Step 1 mark is now available on Moodle.

If you have any questions about your mark, please email me at

And plenty of action in PeerWise. We have so far written about 1,100 questions and given about 18,000 answers and about 1,300 comments to these questions.

And remember: it is not quantity, but quality, that matters on PeerWise. All the questions and comments we put on PeerWise are visible to everyone in our unit. By writing thoughtful, quality questions (with quality explanations, often quoting and referencing pages in the Study Guide) and also helpful comments, we help to create a quality learning environment for all of us on PeerWise.

Our reading this week is Chapter 3 of the Study Guide. People have written many great questions based on the reading in Chapter 3.

And don’t forget. You can sort the questions in PeerWise by topic. That way you can answer questions based on the chapter in the Study Guide you are currently reading.

All the best with your studies this week.