PeerWise Step 5 Mark (ACCT11059)


Your PeerWise Step 5 mark is now available in Moodle.PeerWise 1

To find your mark go to Moodle and click on your name in the top right corner then a drop down selection will appear and “Grades” is an option; then select the unit you want to check (ACCT11059).

If you have any questions or concerns about your PeerWise Step 5 mark, please email me at

And there has been plenty of action in PeerWise this term. During the term we wrote over 5,250 questions and gave over 55,000 answers and about 6,000 comments to these questions.

Quite a few people found PeerWise to be a tremendous tool to help us read our readings each week, reflect on what we learnt, ask questions in PeerWise (with solutions and explanations) and also answer and comment on each other’s questions.

For those who will be studying ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting with us, you will have the opportunity of using PeerWise again. Remember: there is a great advantage in getting started early on PeerWise.

Unit Evaluation T1 2018Also, you will notice a big red button ‘Have your say’ is in the top left hand side of Moodle. Thank you to everyone who has already completed their survey. If you have not done so already, why not click on this button … and have your say. And if you wish, all you need to do is answer the first question: ‘Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this unit’.

All the best with your studies this coming week.