PeerWise Update (22 Feb)


Welcome (again) to our unit.

This is my second email to you. If  you missed my first email to everyone (sent last Monday 20 Feb), you can find it here.

My first email contains great information about how to get started in our unit.

Since we opened Moodle on Monday, there has been a lot happening already. On PeerWise, about 40 people have  registered on PeerWise; and about 25 people have written about 25 questions and given over 200 answers to these questions and about 30 comments. People have started the reading for Week 1 (Introduction and Chapter 1 of the Study Guide) and started to write and answer each other’s questions.

And the top Reputation score on PeerWise is already about 1,500 (I know it is you, Dani). There is a BIG advantage in getting started early on PeerWise.

If you haven’t done so already, let me encourage you to go to the PeerWise folder in the top centre section of Moodle and follow the instructions and register on PeerWise. Then start reading the Study Guide and dive into answering and then writing some questions on PeerWise. And watch out: PeerWise can be addictive!

It is also important to remember that any questions and comments you make on PeerWise are available to everyone in our unit. It is key we ensure our contributions ‘add value’ to our community and help us all learn together. This is, in fact, more important than what Reputation score we are getting; although there should be some connection between the two! In ten years time we will all have long forgotten our Reputation score on PeerWise; but we will remember, and value, what we really learnt and what has changed our lives from studying this unit, reading the materials and engaging on PeerWise.

You can also read my page on PeerWise in my blog that gives some great tips on how to get (and give) the most on PeerWise.

And why not visit the posts on my blog and leave a comment and say hi? It would be great to hear from you.

Regards, Martin