10 July (ACCT11081)


Martin Turner here.

This is my second email to everyone in ACCT11081.

Welcome to our unit (again) – particularly to those who have enrolled into our unit over the past week or so.

It is my pleasure to be your Unit Coordinator for ACCT11081 Introductory Financial Accounting. It is great to have you in our unit this term.

If you missed my first email to you, you can find it here. It contains great information about how to get started in our unit.

Many people have joined our unit Facebook page – and there are quite a few posts, comments and likes. Check out their comments on our unit Facebook page.

And do not forget to get started on our reading for Week 1 (Chapter 1 of the Study Guide) and to get started now on PeerWise.

You can find the Study Guide in the Study Guide section on the right hand side of Moodle (or at the bottom of Moodle if using a phone or tablet).

So far, about one-third of people have registered on PeerWise for our unit … and 13 people have written 103 questions while 17 people have given 773 answers to these questions. So a lot is happening on PeerWise already. And one person already has a score of over 2,000 on PeerWise. Way to go…

And do not forget to check out the great video on PeerWise to help you get started on PeerWise and use this great tool to support your learning in our unit.

I look forward to working with you.