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Don’t we just love the socratic method; where we learn through answering questions ourselves, rather than through passively listening to the ‘answers’.

And I just love this explanation of the socratic method.

Well, for those coming to our interactive workshops in Term 1, 2018 at Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, you can use Socrative to answer questions in our interactive lecture on Wednesday at 9.00-12noon (AEST, i.e. QLD time). We will answer a few questions after discussing them in small groups. So one person in each group can send their group’s answer into Socrative. Also, people dialing into our workshops remotely can participate.

At our other two locations in Term 1, 2018 – Perth and Geraldton – you will have your own individual workshops that will not be linked to other locations.

Socrative will not be available during Term 2 and Term 3, 2018; we hold the interactive workshops across Australia in Term 1, 2018 only.

This is how you log into Socrative so you can answer the questions we ask during the interactive lectures:

  1. Google:
  2. Click on Student
  3. Enter the Room Name (which you will be given each lecture)
  4. Click on Join

Then you will be able to answer the questions.Image result for the paper chase And be part of the Socratic method in our lectures (and our Socratic method is much more fun and less threatening than the one from the Harvard Law School in the Paper Chase: and is only for occasional questions during our workshops, not the whole class!).

I look forward to working with you in our interactive workshops across Australia this term.