Task Description

SPA#2 is your second Session Preparation Assignment. It is designed to support you to read before our class in Week – so you can experience coming to class in each of Weeks 8 and 9 prepared and ready to discuss the topic in class.

The Session Preparation Assignments are also designed to help you learn how to read critically and reflectively. This may be something new for you.

To get some ideas about how to approach your SPA#2, you may like to look at the exemplars for SPA#2 (in the Communication box on the right hand side of Moodle) to see how some previous students in the course have approached their SPA#2.

Remember – do NOT summarise the reading. Rather, identify clearly what you see as some of the key concepts in the reading and then communicate to your marker your reactions and responses to some of these key concepts … supporting your reactions and responses with evidence and reasons from your prior knowledge and previous experience.

Assessment Due Date

Week 8 Tuesday (03-May-2016) 11:00 AM AEST


You will receive a mark, general feedback and exemplars.



Assessment Criteria

5 marks: Communicate personally significant insights and engagement with the material

4 marks: Communicate your opinions, supporting your reactions with evidence from your own prior knowledge and previous experience and/or of others in the course

3 marks: Communicate your opinions, with limited support from your prior knowledge and previous experience 2 marks: Simply summarise most of the material

0-1 marks: Incomplete in significant respects