Update from Martin: ASS#1, ASS#2 & PeerWise


We have finished marking everyone’s ASS#1; including those who have submitted late (so far).

There is also an additional ASS#1 Exemplar on Moodle from Ros Jonsson (Cairns). I have just posted it; it is fresh off the press (in a Moodle sort of way)! Well worth a read.

Your PeerWise Step 2 mark is also available on Moodle. If you have any questions about your mark for PeerWise Step 2, please email me at m.turner@cqu.edu.au.

Most people have now moved onto ASS#2. And we are starting to receive from a few people their ASS#2 Step 1 in Moodle. And there are also some great draft Step 1’s on our unit Facebook page. Check our Amie Coleman’s draft Step 1 (distance sudent from Brisbane) and Dana’s draft Step 1 (aka Yang Jurqi) (visiting Bundaberg this term from Nanning, China). Dana does describe some of the key concepts in her own words, and then she communicates her responses and opinions. She is also starting to support her opinions with evidence and reasons from her prior knowledge and previous experience.

I am going away this Easter to Hervey Bay and Childers, in Queensland. I will be off-line during this period; apparently they have the NBN in Hervey Bay and Childers, but I will be, well, having a break. And then on Tuesday I will visit our Bundaberg location, and spend some time with John McGrath (our experienced CEO and CFO on our teaching team; and generally all-round good guy – although sometimes a bit tough 🙂 – at Bundaberg). John has one or two great research projects in the offing; and he enjoys supporting students in Bundaberg and the surrounding region on their journey of studying accounting. And then on Wednesday, I will be teaching at Rockhampton.

For this reason, I will be much slower marking ASS#2 Step 1 than I was with ASS#1 Step 1. I plan to have them all marked within one week of the due date.

Now ASS#2 Step 1 is due by 11:00am Monday 17 April (Week 6).

A question I will be asking at the beginning of our interactive lecture on Wednesday in Week 6 (next week), will be ‘What is the reading this week?’. The answer to this question: Chapter 4 of the Study Guide. And this is the chapter you need to read for your ASS#2 Step 1. So how many people do you think will have read the reading before our Week 6 lecture? 🙂

Also, come to our lectures this week with a question you would like the answer to. Both Maria and I will be very happy to answer your questions. After reading Chapter 4, you might just have the odd question or two.

I trust you are enjoying your studies this term.

Week 6 is next week; it is an exciting week as we head towards the half-way mark in our journey of discovery into the world of accounting (at an introductory level, of course).

Have a great Easter. Some will be working hard over the break; others, like me, may be taking some time off.