Week 1 – Teaching Staff (ACCT11081)

Hi Mitch (and the rest of the teaching team)

Thanks for your email, Mitch. And good to be working with you this term.

I have also included the rest of the teaching team. Hi, also, to everyone teaching our unit this term.

We will be operating the classes in a similar way to ACCT11059 last term; 1.5 hour interactive lecture; and 1.5 hour tutorial.

You will see from the Tutorial Week  1 material, we have quite a lot to cover in the first week’s tutorial. If you do not complete everything in Week 1, you can carry over some things to Week 2; but it would be good to get everything completed in Week 1, if possible.

The tasks in the tutorial for Week 1 include the group taking a selfie early in the tutorial and posting it on our unit Facebook page and also commenting/saying hi to other tutorial groups’ posted photos. This task is designed to support students to realise they are part of a large group of students from around Australia; and to help them start building links between students from each location.

The primary reading for the first 4 weeks is the Study Guide: Chaps 1-3. We will be having a rigorous look at the bookkeeping/technical foundations for financial accounting. These are topics that would have been included in the old ACCT11057; but have been expanded, particularly by including the ‘why’ we need to know about bookkeeping, given it is mostly automated today.

Week 1 is largely a revision of the some of the key concepts we studied in ACCT11059.

Mitch, do you already have a copy of the textbook, as an e-copy or hardcopy? It is the same textbook that has been used in ACCT11057 and ACCT19084 in the past few years.

Maria – if Mitch does not have a copy of the textbook, what is the process for him getting access to an e-copy of the textbook?

Also, do others have access to our textbook OK?

We will be introducing quite a few changes to the unit this term. One of the key changes is to the design of the Assignment. Maria (with support and encouragement from me) has been working on these changes for quite a long time. So it is great to be implementing them this term.

As usual, could you please keep attendance and send me the attendance each week.

And please keep in touch; and let me know what questions you have as we progress through term.

I look forward to working with each of you this term.