Week zero

We are early in the term. The first few weeks of the term is critical. Experience of teaching staff suggests that students who have reviewed unit requirements, assessments, and attend lectures and tutorials have better chances of succeeding. It is important that you do the following:

  • read and understand details of the unit of study such as learning outcomes
  • read and understand assessment requirements
  • develop a personal study plan for the term which lists key deadlines e.g. assessment
  • familiarise with the workload involved in the unit and other units you are undertaking
  • communicate with the teaching staff or the Unit Coordinator if you have any questions or clarifications
  • engage with other students enrolled in the unit. Peer engagement helps clarify many questions
  • familiarise with the teaching resources and prescribed text book

Many students study online. Studying online requires careful time management to balance personal, professional and university study commitments. Please engage with peers enrolled in the unit and also communicate with the relevant teaching staff.

The University provides various support services to assist you in learning. Some of the support that you may find useful include the following:

Library: provides access on electronic learning resources such as academic journals, books, and other publications. Knowing how to navigate and find publications will assist you in your assessments and learning in the unit.

Academic Learning Centre (ALC): provides academic skills workshop which is aimed to improve academic writing, oral presentations, literature search, and effective time management in tertiary study. The ALC also provides training on how to cite references in essays, reports or other assessments.

Course Advisors: provide relevant academic advice to students. Advice related to course change, academic credit, course rules related to prerequisite, and study planner.

Student Support Staff: provide relevant support related to enrolment, admissions, timetabling, counselling and careers advice, and other day to day non-academic advice and support. Specific advice to international students such as extending Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and others can be provided by student support staff.