Hamburger trust metaphor

Brilliant post on trust in business and accounting from Amy Plant. And see my comment at the bottom of the post. 🙂


The Final AcCountdown

  • Hamburgers – not just tasty, also helpful

Let me give you the hot tip – I have a toolbox full of acronyms that someone has read out to me from a Microsoft Powerpoint, in Calibri size 14 font, with a soothing corporate gradient footer plastered across the bottom – and I can’t remember what any of the letters stand for. Yep, CPORTS, 5 P’s, 6 P’s, AID, SMART etc. they’re all in a metaphorical toolbox that lives in the dark recesses of my mind and I have no idea what they stand for, or even what some of the concepts they’re related to are. Give me a good metaphor or analogy any day to help understand a concept or just make sure it stays present in the common body of knowledge I draw on without having to try to remember.

So when I clicked on an article by Daniel Roth, the Executive Editor at…

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