About Me

Hi everyone

I enjoy living in the small coastal town of Yeppoon in Central Queensland – on the coast about 600km north of Brisbane and near Rockhampton.

I can be found walking on the beach early in the morning with my wife Margie, swimming in our lap pool or chilling out on our deck enjoying the beautiful coastal views. And visiting the truly amazing islands just a few kilometres off the coast as well as nearby Rockhampton.

In February 2015, Yeppoon was hit with a major cyclone: quite an experience to go through this.

I have a PhD in Accounting Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. I am committed to supporting university students to experience real, active learning in their studies as we learn with and from each other.

I have extensive and senior level experience in business – in investment banking, funds management and private equity – as well as over 10 years experience as an academic.

I grew up in Sydney. And also spent about 15 years living and working in New Zealand; with its breathtaking natural beauty.

I enjoy the opportunity of supporting people in first year accounting to discover that accounting is not scary, or boring, or difficult … but is exciting as we find we can use accounting to help open up the world of business to us; to help us connect with what is really going on in our firms.

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